Our Vision

“Are you tired? Worn out? Burned out on religion? Come to me. Get away with me and you’ll recover your life. I’ll show you how to take a real rest. Walk with me and work with me-watch how I do it. Learn the unforced rhythms of grace. I won’t lay anything heavy or ill-fitting on you. Keep company with me and you’ll learn to live freely and lightly.” — Matthew 11:28 MSG

Beloved Church is a space where people can find a home in the loving presence of God by centering their lives on the Beloved — Jesus. Our heart behind our community is that people would behold the Beloved, become Beloved and be the Beloved to those around them.
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Our Values

Behold the Beloved

Beholding the beloved:
Finding our ultimate identity in Christ and living towards union with God.

We believe that our ultimate identity (who I am) and dignity (what I am worth) comes from being sons and daughters of God. Therefore, we will be a community that lives, breathes and moves from this reality.

Union with God:
We believe the ultimate purpose of our lives is to live in union and oneness with God. Therefore, we will be a community that centers our entire lives in pursuit of this calling.

Become the Beloved

Becoming the beloved:
Doing life together in diverse families and journeying together towards integration and wholeness.

Diverse Families:
We believe that God’s family is the most diverse family on planet earth and is united through our deepest value which is Christ Jesus Himself. Therefore, we will be a community that intentionally does life and ministry with people who look different from us.

Integration and Wholeness:
We believe that the gospel transforms every area of our lives to bring about healing, wholeness and integration of our faith. Therefore, we will be a community that pursues a holistic faith that impacts every area of our lives.

Be the Beloved

Being the beloved:
Doing what Jesus did by loving the sick, poor and marginalized, and using your gifts and time to serve God and others.

Love Mercy and Do Justice:
We believe that God has uniquely called the Church to care for the poor and to be a beacon of light and righteousness to a dark and broken world. Therefore, we will be a community that loves and serves the poor and brings about God’s righteousness and justice in our city, nation and world.

Ministry of all Believers:
We believe that every single Christian is a disciple and disciple-maker. Therefore, we will be a community that equips, empowers and releases all believers for the work of ministry.

Our Leadership

Will Chung, Lead Pastor

What have I been up to these past couple years? Changing diapers, cleaning bottles and trying to be a present husband, father and friend. Born and raised in Seoul, Korea I now reside in beautiful Southern California. I have been in full-time ministry since 2008 and am now embarking on a journey to plant a church.

As a recovering workaholic I find myself longing to live a life of being present and available to God and others. My great desire is to live in union with God and to see Him in all things. My greatest honor is to do that alongside my family and friends.
Andrea Chung, Lead Pastor

Hi there! My name is Andrea and I was born and raised in Southern California and absolutely love the beach and warm weather. I enjoy meeting people and hearing their stories, eating good food and exploring new places. In my everyday life, you can find me changing diapers, singing Frozen songs with my daughter and trying new recipes whenever I get a chance!

Over the past few years, I’ve been on a journey of healing, rest and learning to be present in the everyday moments of life as a wife, mother and friend. It’s my greatest desire to know Jesus more deeply and intimately today than I did yesterday and live a life that leads others to do the same.
Jason Nettles, Connections and Outreach Pastor

Hi! A quick origin story about me. My name is Jason and I am a Korean Adoptee born in Seoul, Korea and then raised in Northern California by my wonderful non-Asian family. And believe it or not, I had no clue what the popular Korean food “kimchi” was until I was 27 yrs old. True Story! Moving on, April 5, 2001 is the day that I surrendered my life to Jesus. It is the best decision I have ever made. 

Fast forward to 16+ years of full time ministry experience and now I have assumed many roles, from pastoring in the local church, to traveling the world as a missionary, or galvanizing national campaigns to fill Stadium events and unite the local body of Christ. I love what I do and it’s an honor to serve the Lord in this capacity. Spoiler alert: I hate to disappoint you but I am just an ordinary guy who plays a ton of golf, and enjoys poker nights with the boys. Ultimately I am just trying to follow Jesus the best way that I can and tell others about him along the way.
Donald Gordon, Culture and Teaching Voice

I’m sorry did you say something? I could not hear you —  I was too busy getting 8+ hours of sleep at night. Did you say coffee? No thank you, I’d pass on pretty much anything that keeps me from my favorite hobby: sleeping! When I’m not sleeping you’ll probably find me washing dishes, doing laundry, or cleaning the bathroom during the weekdays. It helps set the stage for a peaceful evening with my wife and a weekend where I’m free to invite people over for a meal and/or take a trip somewhere that the kids would enjoy.

What do I do for work you ask? I help college students, including veterans, find ways to afford school. Otherwise, I’m inviting people into our space to eat, be heard, and be encouraged if at all possible. I wish I had more for you but that’s all I got!
Emily Gordon, Pre-K Director

Did you say coffee? Yes, please! I’ll gladly enjoy a cup of one of my favorite beverages which also helps me enjoy all my other favorite things – family, food, friends. As a native New Englander, I love spending time outdoors in nature and can easily lose track of time exploring new places & sights. Working in human resources as an introvert, being outdoors helps me decompress. I also love cooking almost as much as I love eating and am happiest enjoying a good meal with friends!
Danny Jung, Worship Director 

Hi, my name is Danny! I was practically born into worship as my parents were worship leaders and served on a worship team since I was young.  It became so engraved into my life, I ended up majoring in it! With a newly earned degree in Worship Arts at Biola University, my heart is filled with faith and joy to be able to serve the people of God in this region; and specifically, Beloved Church.

I have a huge passion for christian creative arts, songwriting, and people. In my free time, I love playing basketball, watching shows, and hanging out with my friends.

Board of Directors

Will Chung, Lead Pastor Beloved Church
Andrea Chung, Lead Pastor Beloved Church
Harrison Conley, Lead Pastor, Cottonwood Church
Randal Tonini, Lead Pastor, Grace City Church
Miya Joo,  Creative Assistant, Amazon Studios
Tim Lee, Physician and Data Scientist, UCLA Health
Andrew Su, Sales Engineer, Alteryx
Donald Gordon, Financial Director, Río Hondo College